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Somnio Revive Anti-Age Anti-Wrinkle Moisturiser - 500mg 50ml


Somnio Revive Anti-Age Anti-Wrinkle Moisturiser: can help firm the skin and increase natural collagen production. Wrinkle depth can be reduced with the wrinkle filling action, allowing the skin to look smoother and may enhance the skins natural tone and help restore elasticity.

Noticeably smoother skin texture, softened wrinkles and radiant complexion in just 14 days.

Ageing skin tends to dry out faster then youthful skin, so we have made sure to take care of the hydration part by incorporating a true classic, Rose water hydrosol into the formulation. Besides smelling divine rose hydrosol which is obtained during the steam distillation of rose buds for rose otto essential oil, helps to impart hydration to your skin along with hyaluronic acid which can hold 1000x its weight in water. Hylauron is naturally produced by your body and is found in your skin, connective tissues and your eyes. By topically applying hyaluronic acid it helps your skin to retain moisture and plump your skin = hydrated skin reduces the sign of wrinkles and gives the skin a smoother, more rejuvenated appearance. CBD is a powerful anti-oxidant destroying free radicals that come in contact with your skin, CBD is also well known to provide anti-inflammatory control and help with cell regeneration.

  • Preserve and increase skin firmness.
  • Skin revitalization
  • Impressive anti-aging performance
  • Strengthen skin, improves elasticity and firmness

Directions For Use: Use twice daily, after your cleansing routine. Allow 3-5 minutes before applying make-up.Always perform a patch test. If you develop skin irritations, discontinue use.

-CBD – Anti-inflammatory, reduces redness and blemishes, minimise and postpone the appearance of wrinkles and age. Free radicals cause collagen to break down faster which leads to fine lines and wrinkles – anti-oxidants minimise this damage

-Rose hydrosol – hydration, maintain the skins pH and controls excess oil, has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces redness and relives irritated skin, astringent properties clean and tone the skin

-Cacao butter – Rich in anti-oxidants to break down free radicals which which induce ageing, dark patches and dull skin. Rich in fatty acids that hydrate and nourish the skin, which improves elasticity. Creates a protective barrier to assist the skin in retaining moisture.

-Jojoba oil – Rich in iodine, anti-oxidants. Has a very similar structure to sebum, which helps in sebum regulation.

-Octylododecanol – Long chain fatty acid which moisturises the skin, emollient, imparts a soft silky feel

-C10-18 Triglycerides – Tri-ester of glycerine, emollient and skin conidtioner

-Green Tea Wax – Combines the anti-ageing properties of green tea with the emolliency of fatty alcohols and fatty esters and barrier repair of phospholipids. Anti-inflammatory and calming properties, great for puffy eye areas in the morning, reduces dark patches and blemishes. Anti-oxidants encourage the healing of damaged skin areas.

-Hylauronic acid – reduce wrinkles, plump the skin, hydrate, reduce redness and dermatitis, stimulates skin own production of hylauronic acid, improves skins elasticity.

-Agave nectar – vegan replacement for honey. Functions as a humectant drawing moisture to your skin, makes your skin soft and supple.

-Aloe Vera Gel – Rich in mucilaginous polysaccharides including acemannin. Reknown for wound healing, soothing to damaged skin, reduced inflammation and increases the production of collagen.

-Argan oil – The secret to amazingly youthful looking skin of Moroccan men and women as they have been applying it as an ancient remedy for skincare for centuries. Rich in oleic and linoleic (Vitamin F) fatty acids which promotes moisturization and skin permeability to aid other skin products reach deeper down in your dermis and fight the cause of ageing. improves skin ability to retain water. Contains high levels of Vitamin E. Increase skins elasticity. A well known ingredient in the anti-ageing products

-Rose hip – Super light and non-greasy oil, with high antioxidant content, great skin permeability to restore moisture levels. Omega 3&6 fatty acids for removal of dark spots and blemishes and can also reduce scars and wrinkles. Retinoleic acid evens out skin tone and deals with pigmentation and even rosacea. -Milk thistle - Research shows that milk thistle can directly slow ageing skin because it is antiglycation. Glycation is an ageing reaction between the sugar and proteins in your skin. The bridges between protein and sugar is what makes skin supple. These start to break down at age 30 and increase regularly as you get older. It directly inhibits this process on a cellular level.

-Tocopherol – Vitamin E

-Vanilla – Reverse the onset of wrinkles as a powerful anti-oxidant, soothing and comforting, Rich in vitamin Bs (niacin, thiamine, Vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid which is fundamental for the maintenance of healthy skin. Calming and soothing scent

-Cardamom – fights fatigue on the skin and in the mind. Frequently used in aromatherapy against stress and fatigue and it has the same benefits for your skin. Let your skin look and feel youthful. Astringent, anti-septic, skin tonic, vitamins A, B and C to enrich your skincare routine and speed the recovery time of diminishing age spots and blemishes. Spicy aroma.

-Alph Bisabolol – increases the dermal penetration of our other ingredients. High content of panthenol improves skin condition and reduces dryness and flaking of the skin by improving moisture retention. A sesquiterpene with a light floral scent.

-Coffee arabica C02 extract – Rich in Vitamin B3 (Niacin), reduce dark circles and blemishes thanks to the caffeine content which helps to dilate blood vessels which contribute to dark circles, ultra soothing and the smell of coffee is an instant pick-me-up. Studies show it can Increase collagen and elastin production.

INCI Ingredients Include: Rosa Damascaena Flower Water,Theobroma Caco Seed Butter,Vanilla Planifoila fruit Extract, and Argania Spinosa Kernal Oil.

Active Ingredients: CBD 500mg,Octylododecanol,C10/18 Triglycerides, Coffee bean extract with caffine, Hyulauronic acid, Microcystalline cellolose.