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Elastoplast Plasters


If you’re looking for a plaster of any kind, a sports bandage or even some antiseptics, you’re in the right place.

Elastoplast Antibacterial Waterproof plasters XL are suitable for medium to large wounds, including after minor surgery.

Elastoplast Finger Strip Fabric Plasters provide easy to use protection for cuts and wounds on fingers and thumbs.

Elastoplast extra flexible fabric cut to size plasters are suitable for joints and movable parts of the body, with the ability to adapt to all your movements.

Elastoplast Water Resistant plastic plasters help to protect and cover smaller wounds, whilst repelling water and dirt.

Elastoplast Fabric Plaster Strapping helps to prevent and support strain injuries.

Using a fabric weave to create a stretchy and flexible material, this plaster strapping is suitable for protecting and preventing strain injuries during activity. A strong adhesion helps to securely fix bandages and compresses in place.

The tape is 2.5cm wide and is available in 3-metre length.